We aim to achieve the highest standards in terms of proficiency and performance.

We have the resources to manage the entire cycle of renewable energy projects development, from the initial studies through planning and detailed design and reaching implementation and completion.

Irrigation Tanzania



Since 1985, when the firm carried out its first hydropower study and commissioning, ENCO has been involved as consulting engineer in more than 60 projects in Italy, East Africa, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Armenia in the hydropower sector:

ENCO’s consulting services include:




Since the beginning of its activity, ENCO has been involved as consulting engineer in the water sector. ENCO has gained significant experience in the design of Water Supply Systems, Sewer Systems and Irrigation Networks. ENCO’s grate value originates from the adoption of outstanding quality standards and the ability, developed in over 20 years on the field, to always pinpoint the more efficient solutions taking into consideration every factor involved (networks, structures’ size, waters’ categories, geographical conformation of interested areas etc). ENCO always puts extra care in choosing materials and suppliers, in adopting up to date standards and construction criteria. Faithful to its philosophy of favouring the application of free and widely used calculation codes, ENCO’s preferred software for sewer dimensioning and evaluation of pollution loads is EPA Storm Water Management System (implemented by the United States Environmental Protection Agency). Over the years ENCO acquired extensive experience in terms of water supplying, taking part in many modernisation and implementation works for pre-existing waterworks. The firm has also been involved in some Cooperation and Development Projects and it had the chance of designing and executing, from scratch, a vast irrigation system in Tanzania. Waterworks’ mode of operation is analysed using EPANET, an open source pipe flow modelling software, implemented by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Requests for hydraulic restoration works of rivers’ basins have noticeably increased during the last couple of years, mostly subsequently to the always raising demand coming from local authorities in charge of monitoring the hydro geological risks in their areas. ENCO has become one of the most trustworthy engineering firms for this type of works within Veneto Regio, mostly thanks to its renown professionalism in conducting preliminary hydro-geological assessments and hydraulic tests. The firm provides an in-depth evaluation of key aspects such as environmental and landscape related issues.

ENCO’s consulting services include:



Design of buildings is based on the knowledge of construction practice and standards, on innovation of structural modelling and drawing tools and on the professional skills of engineers and architects. ENCO can guarantee all of these features, allowing a punctual and precise schedule of the construction process.

Furthermore, the design of building is carried out in close, ongoing cooperation between the Architect and the Builder. In this way, reliable construction drawings complying with the architectural ideas are achievable.

ENCO’s engineers make use of up-to-date software based on the finite elements method, which allows structural analysis to be carried out in an integrated graphic system.

In seismic areas, a modal analysis of the structures is performed. The efficacy and reliability of the software selected by ENCO, allows for the successful design of any kind of structural system, regardless of the geometric complexity, variety of building materials and load combinations.



ENCO’s experience covers each stage of infrastructures systems planning; feasibility studies, detailed design and supervision of works.

Key elements, especially considering the impact of infrastructure projects within the area involved:

ENCO’s consulting services include:

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